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Svetlana Matuša - Artist

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Pančevo in 1959. In 1989 graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade, under guidance of Professor Mirjana Isaković. Member of ULUPUDS (The Association of Applied Artistes and Designers or Serba) since 1992. In 1995 completed three month specialization in sculpturing in Shigaraki Institute for Ceramic studies in Shigaraki, Japan. Has been living and working in Iceland since 1999.

Member of the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists – SIM since 2002, and the Association of Icelandic Ceramic Artists.

Since 1986 displayed her work in over 140 collective art exhibitions in the country and abroad, 17 individual exhibitions, and participated in many international symposiums and colonies.

She has been creating unique ceramic pieces, sculptures, usable ceramic pieces, performans and paintings. Since 2003 Svetlana has been working as an independent artist in her own studio/art gallery in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Independent exhibitions:

1990       - Historic Museum's gallery, Novi Sad

1992       - small gallery of the Pančevo's Culture Center and performance on the stage of the theater "Terra Vitae", Pančevo

                - Public library gallery in Pancevo

1993       - Culture Center gallery , Kovin

                - "Forma" gallery, Novi Sad

                - "Singidunum" gallery, Belgrade

1994       - Gallery of Yugoslav Army, Belgrade with perfomance

                - National Museum gallery, Kragujevac

1998       - "Kuća Djure Jakšića" gallery, Belgrade

1999       - "Singidunum" gallery, Belgrade

                - "Madam" gallery, "Pančevacki Panoi", Pančevo

2000       - "Listhus Ofeigur", "Is og hraun" gallery, Reykjavík

2004       - "Stones of Iceland", gallery/studio Lana Matusa, Reykjavík

2005       - Gallery /studio Lana Matusa, "lava life"- "Líf í hrauni", Reykjavík

                - ULUPUDS's small gallery, "Lava people", Belgrade, Serbia

2006       - “Seltun” – Lana Matusa Gallery

2007       - “Iceland” – Lana Matusa Gallery

Collective exhibitions:

Since 1986 Svetlana displayed her work on over 130 collective exhibitions in the country and abroad,

12 "Oktobarski salon"s in Pančevo;

4 "Oktobarski salon"s in Belgrade;

5 "Oktobarski salon"s in Kovin;

4 May exhibitions ULUPUDUS in Belgrade;

3 Biennal for miniature ceramics in Gornji Milanovac;

2 triennal of ceramics in Subotica and Belgrade;

3 Biennal of ceramics in Belgrade;

3 Biennal for ceramics "Forma" in Novi Sad;

2 exhibitions "solja" in Belgrade;

1989. - International symposium of ceramics "Svet keramike", Arandjelovac;  

1997. - II international art ceramics colony "Zlakusa" and exhibition in the City gallery, Uzice;

1998. - International art ceramic symposium, Trojan, Bugarska;

International collective exibitions:

1990. - Croatia, Zagreb, III internacionalni trienale male keramike;

1993. - Portugal, Aveiro, III Bienal International de Ceramica artistic;

1995. - Japan, Shigaraki, The Ceramic Cultural park Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art;

1998. - Bulgaria, Trojan, International art ceramic symposium/exhibition;

1999. - Czech Republic, Prag, Exhibition of International Summer ceramic workshop, Academy of Arts and Architecture and Design in Prague, Czech Republic;

2005 – 2006         -4 exhibitions of “Handverk of hönnunu” – Iceland, Reykjavik;

2006  - Exhibition of Ceramic Association of Iceland, Hafnarborg Gallery, Hafnarfjordur, Iceland;

2015 - "Icelandic art", Gallery Arti Legi,  Holland, Gouda


1992. - Annual plaque for achievement from ULUPUDS.

1998. - "Golden form" UPIDIV.


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